Our team and our goals

We are a team of scientists and clinicians at the Ontario Institute of Cancer Research (OICR), St. Michael’s Hospital (SMH) in Toronto, Boston University Medical School (BUMC), University Health Network (UHN) and University of Rochester (UR). We are developing a new screening method for early detection of Esophageal Adenocarcinoma (EAC).

This new endoscopy-free method is based on the collection of the cytology specimen using an encapsulated sponge. After a patient swallows the capsule, the sponge expands to full size within five minutes in patient’s stomach and is retrieved by pulling on an attached tether. The sponge gently scrapes the walls of the esophagus collecting the required specimen for further cytology and molecular testing. This test is fast, safe and we hope it will be as reliable as endoscopy.